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Gates of Sorrow

Whether you are heart broken, in love, happy or sad, you will always find solace in rock music. That’s just the way it is! There is just something about jamming to a rock song without a care in the world that tends to feed your soul. We are a dedicated rock band that understands all too well the value of great rock songs. It is our belief that the world can get better, one quality rock song at a time! Though our music, we not only seek to entertain you, but also feed your souls with inspiration.

Our music

They say music is food for the soul, we say, rock music is the soul. Are you looking for music that will have your brain internalizing the message but the body dancing to the tune? Do you enjoy quality rock music from passionate bands? Do you believe that rock music is the future? So do we!

We are a rock band that refuses to conform to the norm and dares to be different. To us, music is not only a passion but an art. Though our music, we connect and engage with our fans on a personal level. We do not take your support for granted, which is why we dedicate all our songs to you as a way to say thank you.

What to expect

The beauty of rock music is that it has some sort of raw untapped energy that just gets you feeling wild and free. Nothing beats the satisfaction that comes with singing and dancing to a song without a care in the world. In that moment you are free and you feel indestructible. We don’t want that feeling to end which is why we guarantee you the following.

• Good quality music that is empowering
• Regular updates on our shows so you don’t miss out on any concert.
• New releases.
• Interaction with the band members through the website.
• Immeasurable love from us to you our fans!

You are the reason we sing our hearts out and we assure you nothing but the best!

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The thing about rock music is that you will always identify to the message one way or another. It is music with a message and a cause and our band seeks to keep it alive. If you are looking for rock music that will have you forgetting your troubles then keep tuned for regular updates! We are the rock band that walks the walk with you through inspiring rock songs. Be sure to subscribe to our social channels so as not to miss out on exciting and life changing events.

Thank you for you never ending support!

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