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If you are hosting a party or event and you’re the one tasked with finding the music and hiring the band.  Most people who get stuck with this task don’t know where to find a band or understand the difference between the different styles of music.  That’s how you end up with a thrash metal band at a wedding…not the greatest combination.  We are a classic rock band that is suitable for almost any occasion.

What is Classic Rock

Classic Rock is a pretty general term and it can define music that is from the 60’s with songs from the Beatles or the Rolling Stones all the way to the 90’s and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  It offers a wide swath of music that the general population can sing along to and recognizes pretty quickly.

Who is in the Audience?

Though we’re pretty happy to play any gig we can a rock band isn’t suitable for every occasion.  You need to consider your audience first.  While we have played lots of weddings and had a great time we are not the ideal band for a senior’s event.  At the same time a group of early 20 something’s may prefer a DJ over a band that plays music their parents listen to.

What is the Budget

We love playing music and we will do it for almost anyone, we also love eating.  We get compensated for our time and our ability to play music, we don’t play for “exposure”.  Let’s talk turkey.  Live music is generally a bit more expensive than a DJ.  If you are looking at a 4 hour party then you can expect to spend around $2,000 or more if there is travel involved.  You can get more information on pricing by contacting us.

Where to Hear Us

You might want to check us out or at least give one of our performances a listen before you decide to book us for your next function.  You should get an idea of the kind of music that we play.  The best way to do that is to check out one of our live performances.  We play local clubs frequently in addition to party gigs.  Please drop and check us out ahead of time, in fact we insist on it.  You will know exactly what to expect and on the night of the party everybody has a good time.  We can easily handle special requests if you give us enough notice.  The day of the gig isn’t always the greatest time to ask if we can play a specific song.

Feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss a booking.

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